Charleston Battery: A Chance in a Lifetime

The Charleston Battery have the chance to complete a miraculous turnaround with a trophy in hand at home on Sunday evening.

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 One of the league’s oldest clubs, the Charleston Battery have had quite the ups and downs over the past few years. Between debates over where they should play after moving out of Daniel Island and a lack of success, the Battery’s future was about as clear as Pluff Mud.

The Pirmann Effect

I went to a Battery game in 2022 where the Battery were thrashed 0-3 at home by midtable Detroit City FC on a chilly late August night. The mood in the supporter’s section was quite dour with the occasional chant, but otherwise a very dissatisfied home team.

A year later, my July 4th weekend game at the battery was full of life, the supporter’s section was jam-packed with passionate fans, parking lots were filled, and the energy stayed loud the entire game. This time, the Battery won 3-0 with a second-half brace by Nick Markanich.

The difference? A quick rebuild of the front office from top to bottom. Much has been said about the 34-point turnaround, but that was only achieved through developing generational talents, installing a new team culture, and staying resilient.

“When you reflect on it, the turnaround has been great. Be careful what you wish for. If you work as hard as you can to be the best version of yourself the sky’s the limit.” – Ben Pirmann.

The Battery's Playoff Path to a Home Final

Despite the major turnaround, the Battery played like a three-seed throughout most of the season. Scoring wins against good and bad opponents, hosting a USL final was not likely, but it doesn't feel out of place for what the team has built this season. 

Anchored by forwards Augustine Williams (15 goals) and Nick Markanich (10 goals), the Battery have a consistent offense that might not be as prolific as the Riverhounds or Rowdies, but certainly have risen to the occasion in the postseason. 

In their final home game of a sold-out crowd, the Battery will have a chance to cement themselves as one of several great Charleston lineups over their history. Will they? Phoenix have proven to be phenomenal on the road this postseason and Coach Pirmann certainly isn't taking them for granted. 

"Phoenix have a very distinct style of play. Juan is a good friend of mine. They want to provoke you out of our zone so they can break the line and go fast. They want us to move we have to shift our lines quickly. They are going to move parts around and have players tucked in back to front. If we can stick to our same principles since February that puts us in a spot to be the best version of ourselves.” 

Find out for yourselves this Sunday when the Battery takes on the Rising in the USL Final on ESPN2 at 7pm EST. 

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