Staff Reactions: Dynamo Barely Fall to Real Salt Lake

Houston was swarmed late in the second half on the road against a dangerous Real Salt Lake.

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Juan Pereira (@JpHouSports

This game highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of this Dynamo squad. This result shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering the fact that RSL is perhaps the best team in MLS at the moment. Nevertheless, fans and players alike feel like this was a game that could have easily ended in a tie. Defensive lapses once again hindered Houston, and missed opportunities led to RSL coming away with a victory. Despite all of this, I am overall content with the way Houston played. A couple of adjustments here and there will allow Ben Olsen and his squad to compete for trophies in the very near future. 

Now, Houston faces another tough team in LAFC. This game will be vital in assessing where the team is before Ponce’s arrival on July 20. If this game is any indicator for what comes next, I expect another close match that is decided by one goal. I would also expect Sebastian Ferreira to make a start against LAFC. The Dynamo DP made an appearance off the bench against RSL, and I felt like the team improved with him on the field. 


Andres Naranjo (@DynamicFoxtrot

Real Salt Lake on the road was one of the Dynamo's biggest tests of the season based on their current form. Houston's back line was continuously stretched thin thanks to RSL's offensive press and ability to counter at the right time. Although they were able to score two goals in a difficult place to play, I was left somewhat displeased for letting the result slip off their hands. 


German Benitez (@ElDinamico_GB

In their initial encounter with top Western teams, the Houston Dynamo engaged in a challenging match against RSL. Despite Ibrahim Aliyu scoring early, defensive errors persistently prevented the Dynamo from reaching their full potential. Real Salt Lake’s offensive prowess ultimately overwhelmed the Dynamo, resulting in a 3-2 defeat away from home.

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